The wisdom of repetition towards growth

The wisdom of repetition towards growth

Almost everybody is familiar with the words “the practice (repetition) makes perfect”, as we heard that too many times since our early childhood. Little did we know then, that this sentence carries a lot of wisdom. By default, me tend to believe that the experience in certain field is mastered upon many failures and struggles to reach the peak. To become expert or excel in particular field of life, requires a lot of reading, practicing and performance; be it an artist, author, scientist or entrepreneur. In fact, the growing paths necessitates the occurrence of work model that absorbs a lot of energy, patience and efforts, there is no other way around and there is no such shortcut.

From this perspective we acknowledge that growth is the most important part of our lives, as it leads us toward finding our purpose and in order to grow, we have to adapt to the change. We must change old patterns of thinking, old paradigm that holds us back from the growth.

But, how to do it?

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Repetition and practice are the most valuable tools that help us reach the target. Repetition, starts intentionally and consciously, but to be fully effective it has to go deeper to the subconscious mind. Let us demonstrate below in a very concise manner why this is the case.

Human subconscious mind is like an archive, it receives and contains thoughts and impressions, regardless of their nature. Unlike the conscience, the subconscious mind literally registers everything, and it acts based on your predominant thinking. The subconscious mind dictates and runs the program of our mind. It also is responsible for the feelings area of the mind. Study after study shows that we opt for what feels good or easier in the moment rather than doing the things we know in our hearts will make us better in the long run. According to neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, it is our feelings (subconscious mind) that decide for us 95% of the time. As he puts it, we are: “feeling machines that think, and not thinking machines that feel”. The issue here is that how you feel in the moment is almost never aligned with your goals and your dreams. If you only act when you feel like it, you will never get to make the changes that help us grow.

How can we disrupt this battle?

Again, through repetition we disrupt this battle of how we feel about doing something to actually doing it. As you see the secret lies to getting ourselves to doing the things we plan to do for reaching our goals.

Make it a habit to implant positive thoughts into your mind and mix them with vision and faith. Then, communicate these plans to your subconscious through self-suggestion. Knowing that pessimistic impulses are much easier to create and a lot harder to destroy, try (as much as you can) to shut them off nonetheless, or at least distract your mind whenever you find it wandering around them. Repetition is exposing yourself to a new idea (or a new image since we think in pictures) over and over again. The point is not to memorize the information, but rather to impress the image into your subconscious or emotional mind.

But why do you have to keep repeating it day in and day out? Because your paradigm is deeply rooted in you. It has been running the show for a long time and, believe me, it doesn’t want to change.

So, you have to imprint the new image over and over again, until it starts to take hold in your subconscious mind. You see, at first the image is weak because it’s only in your conscious mind. It’s like a little sapling planted there.

Repetition works to loosen the soil of the conscious mind and allow the new image to take root in the subconscious mind. The more you impose the image into your emotional mind, the stronger it becomes. Eventually, the old image weakens and the new one replaces it, and you move into the vibration that the image creates. When that happens, you are in resonance with all that you desire.

But, you’ve got to be mindful of the ideas that you are planting. Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind is totally subjective. It accepts whatever it is given. So WHATEVER that you say, write or feel over and over again will eventually become fixed in the subconscious mind as program.

Each day, you allocate a portion of your time to certain things. You eat every day, you wash your body, you get dressed, check the posts or follow certain friends and media in Facebook or Instagram, Well, if you want to start improving the quality of your life, start also allocating some time on each day, repeatedly, to identify parts of the old thinking that are not being helpful and not producing good results in the path of growth.

Dedicate some time every day to building a new image in your mind. Read, write, listen to, or visualize something that depicts the life you really want. Spending just 15 minutes a day will pay huge dividends.

There’s a very good reason that people say repetition is the mother of all learning. But, don’t believe what anyone else says. Give it a shot for yourself, and let the principle of repetition prove itself to you. I know you’ll be glad that you did.

Lastly, the repetitive nature of worship is also meant to cleanse or subconscious mind and help us grow. There is a reason why there is Divine wisdom sent to us on doing repetitive prayers and actions. The wisdom of it is to give us a path towards growth. It is to give us the tools we need to learn how to control and program of our subconscious mind better. In other words, it is meant to create a healthy paradigm for us that would guide us towards a healthy life, physically, mentally and emotionally.